Great NFL Game Marred By Controversy

I believe there to be a simple solution; the NFL is the only major sports organization without full-time officials, therefore make the officials full-time partners and build the best base of referee’s. This will solve the on-going discussion of poor officiating year in and year out understanding this was due to the high exspectations we have for our officials. This is not the first year of questionable officiating in the NFL for this has been fodder for debate each and every week for as long as I can remember.

There is plenty money to go around and since we have the best players in the whole, the best coaches money can buy we should have the best officiating to referee the best product. The game of football belongs to the fans and the NFL owners are the steward’s of this great game and their job is to protect the integrity of the game at the very least.

In hopes of the perfect resolution,

Chief Rogue Officer

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